Be An Air Courier and Travel the World Free!

Air courier travel is a bargain hunter’s dream and appeals to budget travellers from all walks of life: students, business men and women, retired individuals and couples, families, freelancers, writers, international traders, not forgetting holiday makers and people who just love to travel!

No special qualification or knowledge is needed to become an air courier, but it helps to be flexible, especially if air couriers hope to gain the highest award of all, namely REGULAR FREE TRAVEL. Getting regular free travel normally means being ready packed and able to travel at a moment’s notice if an unexpected need arises or another courier falls otherwise absent or ill.

Anyone over 18, a passport holder, in good health, can become an air courier. Nationality is usually unimportant, and one does not need to be of the same nationality as the airline used. Retired people are preferred by many companies as being more reliable and professional, and having more time to travel, than their younger counterparts.

Air couriers are used by delivery companies to accompany items to various destinations, domestically or overseas. Those items include: letters, photographs, legal papers, business proposals, contracts, computer disks, reports, product prototypes. Most are international delivery firms who can provide free and low cost travel for air couriers to virtually any country on earth.

But it isn’t just big companies that require air courier help. Air couriers might also get to accompany urgent deliveries overseas, such as perishable gifts, animals, children, medicines left behind by travellers, culinary delicacies for smart international restaurants, and other time-sensitive items that must reach their destinations safely, and on time!

The air courier is not usually required to physically collect or accompany the package or even liaise directly between sender and intended recipient. Usually, all the courier does is remain responsible for the package between airports.

That ‘responsibility’ rarely involves carrying the package. In fact the air courier might never get to see what he or she is accompanying, even though those items will be listed as the courier’s personal baggage, and that’s why it travels speedily through Customs throughout the journey.

Typically air couriers turn up at the airport of departure at a pre-appointed time, where they are usually met by representatives of the courier company who may also process air couriers and packages through Customs. On board plane the courier may carry the package or it may travel separately in some secure place.

At the destination airport company representatives will again process couriers and packages through Customs and give couriers their return ticket once their role is complete.

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