PUBG Season 8: Tips And Tricks For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds For PC, Xbox One And PS4

PUBG Season eight is here and there masses to look forward to. However, if you’re feeling a bit worried about what’s in shop, simply observe our easy tips to do properly!

Learn in which the best loot is, a way to begin the war efficaciously, and a few extra achieved tactics right here.

Here are our tips and tricks to get those fowl dinners!

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Where To Drop
Where you land is the first key part of any PUBG suit. Although it depends on your map, generally dropping in the centre offers you a higher positioning to navigate the circle. You do not want to get caught inside the gas!

For Miramar, drop within the busy Los Leones or Pecado for the fine loot – and a huge combat!

Similarly busy in Erangel is Pochinki, even though outliers like Mylta Power or Military Base can provide adequate loot.

In Vikendi, drop centrally at Podvosto – but keep away from the Castle.

In PUBG’s smallest map, Sanhok, losing centrally may be risky. Due to its length, we advise losing in the direction of the threshold and heading in once you picked up a few loot.

Best Weapons
Look to the supply crates dropping from the sky for the high-quality loot. These may be hotly contested, but not anything can stop you once you have grabbed an AWM or GROZA.

Other than that, load up on attachments for an Assault Rifle and make sure it’s set to automated fireplace. We propose the M416.


Other options are a completely-kitted UZI or an AKM. Other than that, just choose something you are cozy with and play it safe.

We’ve got a complete tier list of each weapon in PUBG Season 8 for you to test out if you need greater information.

Read more: https://www.Gfinityesports.Com/pubg/pubg-season-eight-pc-weapons-tier-listing-nice-weapons-xbox-one-ps4/

General Tips
Communication with teammates is prime. Don’t burst off to your own, as you’ll simply get killed by a cooperating crew of 4.

Supply crates provide the great loot – but be careful for snipers.

Don’t Do This
Sharing is caring! Share your medkits and ammunition with teammates.

Keep an eye fixed at the circle, especially if you’re landing somewhere in the direction of the edge of the map.

We’ll reiterate: don’t burst off on your very own. It may not paintings, so stay along with your crew.

Don’t land within the busiest regions except you’re confident to your talents. It’s a high-risk strategy that rewards the quality gamers.

Don’t be an fool on voice chat. Nobody wants to pay attention you shouting and raging. Chill out, it’s just a recreation. If you feel your self getting labored up, take a wreck.

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