Pressure activated sensors

Seat belts

All types of stair lifts except the standing stair lift should be equipped with a seatbelt. Seatbelts Passenger Lifts can either be simple type as you can find on airplanes or more complex such as the ones found in cars that only engage when a sudden pull on the belt is experienced. Regardless, seat belts make sure that, even in the event of a sudden acceleration, or sudden stop, the passenger does not lose balance and fall off the chair as the consequences of a fall could be dire. As there could be several reasons why a stairlift would suddenly accelerate or stop, the seat belt plays an important role.

Pressure activated sensors

When the stairlift part, such as the foot rest or the main unit hits an obstacle on the way, a pressure activated sensor will detect the change of pressure and will stop the stairlift. This is to prevent the damage to incidental obstacles, to the stairlift, and, most importantly, to keep the passenger safe.

Swivel seats

Getting on and off the stairlift is perhaps the most dangerous time. Imagine a person with disability that is preventing them from walking the stairs. It is easy to foresee they would likely have difficulty getting in and out of a chair too. For that reason, manual, or automatic swivel seats are provided on most chair lifts. Their role is to provide the easiest position to embark on a chair lift, and the easiest position to disembark. Having successfully taken a seat, the seat will then manually or automatically swivel into the riding position which is usually parallel with the stairs, and perpendicular to the direction of motion. At the end of the trip, the swivel chair will again manually or automatically swivel to the position that is the most convenient for disembarking the stairlift.

More chair lift safety features and parts

There are several other chair lift parts such as the engine, the brakes, and more. They play a pivotal role in keeping you safe when riding a chair lift. To see more of the stair lift parts that affect your safety, see the website []. To see brands and models of safest chair lifts, see for example the Brooks stair lift [] page.

Article Source: you are deciding on what chair lift, or stairlift, to purchase and are concerned about your chair lift safety, then this report will help you. Regardless whether your motion is restricted due to an injury, or just because of the general physical condition such as chronic shortness of breath, or chronic lack of energy, you want to make sure that the stairlift that you will use, will not only get you from point A to B but will also do that in a safe and secure manner, without endangering you at all.

Manufacturers of stairlifts pay close attention to pick the chair lift parts that, when put together, make for a safe and secure experience for the passenger and for anyone else that is in the vicinity of the stairlift. Let’s go over the parts of the typical chair lift and let’s see how these chair lift parts can help you feel more safe and secure during your rides. The stairlift parts that play big roles in overall safety are: Seat belts, Pressure activated sensors, Swivel seats. Let’s look at each individually to see how exactly they contribute to your safety.

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