Things to Do to Raise a Credit Score – Simple Things You Can Do to Increase Your Credit Score

If you are looking around the internet for information on things to do raise a credit score then this article is for you. The easy to do tips listed below will help you increase your credit score quickly.

Things To Do To Raise a Credit Score Fast

Pay On Time– Paying your current accounts on time will have a positive affect on your FICO scores and you the-easiest-ways-to-increase-your-credit-score should never go past thirty days late or your FICO scores will drop significantly. Just one thirty day late can drop your score 50 points or more.

Reduce Account Balances– One of the major factors in your credit score is the amount of credit you have used. Generally once you go past 50% of your accounts total limit your FICO scores will be reduced. You can either get a credit line increase or pay down the balance in order to improve your scores.

Do Not Open New Accounts– Unless you absolutely need it do not open new accounts as this will overtime degrade your scores. Resist the temptations of low introductory interest rates or merchandise discounts for opening a new account and you will be much farther ahead!

Do Some Self Credit Repair– One of the best ways to increase your credit scores is to get any negative or incorrect information removed from your credit report. This can easily be accomplished with some simple credit repair techniques. The easiest way to do this is to send a dispute letter into the reporting bureaus disputing something about the account like balance, amount owed or date recorded, a general this is not mine works but not as well as a specific dispute.

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