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Are you one of the very many dropship marketers who are finding out that getting good quality information on dropship suppliers can be a very time consuming, frustrating and sometimes expensive business. Well take heart because there is some good news for many of the following groups:

1. Online traders or marketers (maybe selling through eBay).
2. Wholesale dropshippers looking for distributors.
3. The Work at home community with limited resources.
4. People looking for a second income.
5. Internet entrepreneurs.

For those of you who have tried to find reliable and genuine dropship suppliers this is an opportunity not to be missed. Are you    UK Dropshipping one of the many who have been and done any of the following when looking for top quality wholesale dropshippers:

1. Trawled through thousands of search engine listings.
2. Paid for second rate dropship lists through bogus websites.
3. Paid for access rights to online portals.
4. Paid monthly fees for access rights to information.
5. Paid to access sites that are just “get rich quick” schemes.

As the economy takes another downturn there appears to be a new guiding lights in the dropship fraternity who is prepared to help get the economy going in the right direction. How would you feel if there was the opportunity to save all that search time (hundreds of hours) and hard earned dollars (mega bucks) and have immediate access to hundreds of suppliers and hundreds of thousands of products? Would you rather spend the money on marketing and promotion and earn something towards those rising bills and higher charges?

If you would like to learn all about dropshipping but were afraid to ask and were put off by what are perceived to be a very expensive entry costs, then think again. For the foreseeable future you can get:

1. Free access to hundreds of dropship suppliers.
2. Free advice on how to set up a small website and get trading.
3. Free glossary of dropship terminology.
4. Access to marketing and promotion resources.

As the credit crunch begins to really bite there are still companies who want you to succeed. Why should they want to help me? They want to help you because every small success is contributing to a major step in repairing the economy. But remember when the gloom disperses free access to information will almost certainly disappear. So make the most of this opportunity now.

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